For this assignment, choose an advertisement that you believe makes an important statement related to environmental, social, political, or cultural responsibility. Analyze the advertisement, and create an argument explaining what statement the advertisement is making, why it is important, and how it relates to a current issue or situation.
Notes for Completing this Assignment:

Choose an advertisement to analyze. This could be a print advertisement, a commercial, etc. When choosing your advertisement, think about not only the product or service that is being advertised, but also what statement is being made by the advertisement. Is it referencing an environmental, social, political, or cultural issue or situation?
Make a claim. The argument for your essay comes from the claim that you are making about your advertisement. You decide what statement that you believe the advertisement is making, and you have to support that claim with evidence from your advertisement.
Explain the situation/issue. Imagine that you are explaining the environmental, social, political, or cultural issue to someone who has never heard or learned about it. You may need to give background information, and you can use sources to help you here. You have to describe the situation/issue and explain why people should care about it.
Explain why this advertisement is important and why people should pay attention to it. This is also part of argumentative writing. You have made a claim about your advertisement, and as part of your argument, you have to explain why this advertisement matters.

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