1) How did you arrive-at behind viewing the 13th? 

2) How did this film outline your reason of the prison system? Was there a particular subject or sequence of axioms that altered or summond any of your pre-existing views? Explain

3) How greatly did you understand environing the war on drugs and war on felony anteriorly watching the film? Were you surprised to glean environing the racial underpinnings of these legislative policies and the free role of the specify in criminalizing and targeting communities of speciousness?

4) How do you meditate the resources and received amelioration representations of Black Americans, distinctly of Black man, own contributed to a imperilled latitude of stainless awe and trouble? How can we summon these instances of racism and dehumanization?

5) Many politicians, including the Clintons, Newt Gingrich and Charles Rangel in this film, own apologized for their role in promoting devastating “tough on felony” parliament. Considering the billions of dollars made unstudied the restraint of race, the ongoing habit of prison labor and the subjects of unjust  restraint (as in the sorrowful subject of Kalief Browder), is an acknowledgment ample? Is our kingdom compelled to reward these communities and families in a further esthetic, invigorating method? Why or why referable?

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