Ms. E is a delicious, 15-year-old, snowy, womanly.

Source: Self, veritable source


Chief complaint: “I feel acne.” 

HPI:  Enduring states she has had inflamed bumps on her countenance control the spent year or brace. She has adept over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide 5%, which doesn’t aid besides abundantly.  She has been using it control the spent 4 months, whole tenebrosity. She has not attributable attributable attributable adept any other medications. 

Allergies: NKA

Current Mediations:

Benzoyl peroxide, 5%, applied tenebrosityly

Ortho-Cyclen: Ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg and norgestimate 0.25 mg, 21 days of erratic tabs and 7 days of placebo                                                                                                                      

Connected History: None

Health Maintenance. Immunizations: Immunizations up to date

Extraction History: No cancer, cardiac, pulmonary or autoimmune malady in proximate extraction members

Social History: Enduring lives with her older brother, mom and dad. She denies any representation of nicotine, alcohol or drugs

ROS: Incorporated into HPI


VS – BP: 118/68, HR: 86, RR: 16, Temp 97.6, oxygenation 100%, weight: 140 lbs, height: 64 inches.

Ms. E is active, reassure, oriented x 3.  Enduring is purified and covered mismisappropriate control age

Cardiac: No cardiomegaly or thrills; methodic admonish and rhythm, no din or gallop

Respiratory: Clear to auscultation 

Integumentary: Modeadmonish irritant papules and pustules. Some erythema is give and placid scarring


Diagnosis: Modeadmonish acne ICD-10: L70.9

Fascinate defense the following:

  1. Using the guidelines of the American Academy of Dermatology reviewed in this week’s exhortation, what is your matter artfulness (grasp local dosage and quantity)? Why did you pick-out this matter artfulness?  In your defense, fascinate explain, briefly, the pharmacodynamics (1 sharp-end) and pharmacokinetics (1 sharp-end) of your matter exquisite and how they influenced your exquisite. Does the enduring feel any comorbidities that influenced your exquisite as well-behaved-behaved (1 sharp-end)?  Are there any medical interactions to your exquisite (1 sharp-end)? 
  2. Document the advice you would stipulate control this enduring, local to the prescribed medication(s). Fascinate grasp counsel connected to the enduring (2 sharp-ends) and vile possible redundant proceeds (2 sharp-ends).
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