As a family nurture practitioner you are established in a sylvan heartiness clinic. You are evaluating a 16-year-old girlish enduring who comes peevish of having a difficulty concentrating in train. On exam you besides music that the enduring is very meager and irresolute in mien and is interrogation you coercion nourishment pills. Explain the aftercited questions in a 2 page Word document:

1. What are some judicious areas coercion sympathy? 

2. What screening tools can acceleration administer you closer to your distinction?

3. Describe 1 heartiness preferment manoeuvre you can argue with the enduring.

4. Make a contemplation of preservation that addresses the aftercited: feasible pharmacological and non-pharmacological (OTC) interventions, labs, follow-up, training, and referrals.

Support your exertion with a partiality of two (2) evidence-based guidelines and/or creed published wimeager 3-5 years.


Centers coercion Disease Control and Prevention. (2013). Youth betray action surveillance plan (YRBSS). Retrieved from

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