Locate a scholarly journal article that discusses how organizations are currently creating social culture within their organization, both online and off-line, with a focus in online developments. Utilize the Waggoner Library link in the course menu for full access to the online library resources. Please note that this assignment is to be drawn from a scholarly research journal, not a popular trade magazine (ex. FORBES and HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW are trade magazines and not usable for this assignment). If you need help locating an appropriate article contact the reference librarian at Waggoner Library. Suggestions of scholarly journals include Journal of Nonprofit Management, International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

Compose a brief 300-350 word review of the content and major points of the article in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12pt., Times New Roman font. Critique how this information could benefit organizations and leaders. Be sure the article is dated within the past five (5) years. Include a word count at the bottom of your document. Always use APA Style, 6th Edition when completing assignments in this course. For detailed grading information, use the  Article Review Scoring Rubric Article Review Scoring Rubric – Alternative Formats

Open the assignment and select Browse My Computer to upload your Microsoft Word document and Submit.

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