⁞ Instructions

Read the assigned lection from the stipulation. Then choose ONE of the doubts adown to exculpation. Exculpation the doubt you chose in a confutation that is a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs.

Be certain to teach your exculpations and yield reasons coercion your views. You should cite the quotationbook and correction inconsiderable quotations and summaries from the quotationwork in your confutation. Do NOT correction any other sources so the quotationbook

1. Socrates said to his jurors, “Are you referable ashamed that, opportunity you charm heed to reap as plenteous plenty as potential, with grandeur and pomp as courteous, at-last you charm no heed or sentiment coercion reason accuracy, or coercion the best potential specify of your fire?”  Do you consent with this collocation?   Why or why referable?

2. Choose single of your indispensable beliefs that you enjoy referable sentiment plenteous environing and transcribe an dispute defending it or rejecting it.  Be heedful referable to correction any close fallacies. 


Title: Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life
Edition: Third (3rd)
Author: Lewis Vaughn
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Copyright: 2018
ISBN: 978-0-19-085234-4

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