When lection an producer’s embodied, it’s essential to understand star encircling the transcriber. What is the person’s contrast? His or her notification? Theories? Issues of question?

While best understandn for his system of Issue and as co-founder of the arena of Positive Psychology, Mihlay Csikszentmihalyi is individual of the most complaisant and respected inquiryers and transcribers on creativity. Take some span to scrutinize the Internet for notification on the producer. Enter “Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi” into Google, YouTube, or your pursuit engine of excellent. Scrutinize diverse footings. Follow what intrigues you.

After you’ve decipher and fancy encircling what you set, click on the Activity 3: Csikszentmihalyi Biography link. Among this theme, click Create Thread. Enter a theme sequence that calls circumspection to the theme(s) or footing(s) you gain be agreement encircling in your column. In individual shabby column, condense individual intriguing multiplyicipation of notification you literary encircling the producer. Then observation and paste in the amalgamate to your issue, so others can cohibit it quenched if they’d affect.


 Activity 4: IowaBIG Scholars’ Colloquy with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Individual of my popular repursuit projects focuses on knowledge educational and employment environments that can surrender issue to creativity. For the decisive year, our team has been studying an leadership-based haughty ground in Cedar Rapids designated IowaBIG. Nearing the purpose of its fourth year of agency, this ground, which is multiply of the Cedar Rapids Order Ground District, enrolls 130 scholars. There are no collocatees, no lectures, no tests. Scholars gain their credits inland graduation by agoing on leaderships with order mentors. You can lgain past encircling the ground at www.iowabig.org.

I am popularly innate individual of these leaderships, which consists of repursuit on scholar pledge and their habit of issue, a concept we’ll bargain with following in the collocate. In February, we hosted a colloquy between Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the three IowaBIG scholars who are agoing on this leadership. You can guard the 40-minute colloquy here:  https://youtu.be/P996oz8CBVw

The recording starts a lacking minutes into their instructmaster providing some contrast notification on the ground.

After you’ve guarded the colloquy, click on the Activity 4: IowaBIG Students’ Colloquy with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi link. Enter the theme sequence of your excellent. In individual detailed column, column your reactions to what you heard in the colloquy. You can transcribe encircling the concept on which the ground is based, encircling your habit in oral education, encircling the role of environments in shaping creativity, veritably encircling everything that you affect. Use this remodel as a springboard for everything that it provokes among you.

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