3-5 Page paper in APA format. Some materials provided.

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Hi, This will eventually be a 5 page paper when I include the tittle page and reference page. I have attached an outline that you can follow to complete this work. I have also included 4 references you are to use in the paper with proper APA citations. You may also use additional references to complete this. I would just like the body of this paper (3-5 pages) in APA format and the reference list from work cited. Please let me know if there is any other information that you may need to complete this. The topic will be: Left Brain vs. Right Brain and the effects on Learning. Attached here is the paper outline (Outline) and the following are 4 references that are to be utilized. You may also use your own references if you have your own findings. https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/scholastic.com/teachers/article/left-brainright-brainhttps://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/scilearn.com/blog/left-brain-right-brain-hemispheres.phphttps://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/funderstanding.com/brain/left-brain-vs-right-brain-teaching-techniques/Left/Right Brains, Teammates in Learning Thank you!undefined