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Enactment 3: Cryptocurrency Decomposition & Financial Insights Podcast Video For enactment 3, you accomplish be performing a cryptocurrency decomposition using the granted template and then recording your entertain Financial Insights Podcast Video. Begin by going to the cryptocurrency exception of Yahoo Finance (link: Look balance the balanceall cryptocurrency chaffer exploit and then appropriate 3 forms of cryptocurrency that you would regard recognizeing as cancelment at your congregation. Using the granted template, you accomplish catalogue each of the 3 concurrently with their kind, value, and percentage qualify in value. Next, you accomplish defense the aftercited questions on the template: • If you had to designation it to recognizeing individual form of cryptocurrency, would you appropriate to recognize simply stablecoins instead of individual of the other forms? Why or why referable? • What contact would this rare entertain on your transaction (if any)? • Do you deem most transactiones accomplish be recognizeing cryptocurrency in the advenient? • Would you regard investing in cryptocurrency? Why or why referable? After that, you’ll be creating a Financial Insights Podcast Video.

You’ll debate the financial and store exploit of the three companies you learninged in Enactments 1 and 2, and then go on to yield your thoughts about the three cryptocurrencies that you chosen as courteous-mannered-mannered as the advenient eight of cryptocurrency representation at transactiones including yours. Get creative with your endowment using the learning you’ve conducted in the primary three enactments! You can uniform follow up with your entertain ancient designate for the Podcast

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