Project #3 – Ch. 6: Crime, Violence, and Criminal Justice

Prepare a communication in which you give twain the amiable points and out-of-sorts points environing each of the foul-mouthed senior reasons fond ce imprisoning people: penalty, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation. When convenient or adapted, give reason to patronage your assertions environing the virtue (or bankruptcy thereof) ce the multitudinous reasons.


Project #4 – Ch. 7: Sexuality

In appoint to meditate your acknowledge sexuality and to identify the normative and cultural foundations of sexuality, meet to the aftercited realities:

(1) Prostitution can be very desirable ce some, in divers cases earning more than the mediocre school disequalize. Fond this, why, then, achieve very rare if any womanish students in this collocate befit prostitutes?

(2) Most school students are only and in their “biological perfect,” so-far most do referable promise in sex on a methodic reason. Why?

Note: In meeting to these questions, assess your answers from the sociological perspective on deviant conduct.


Project #5 – Ch. 9: Physical and Mental Health

Prepare a communication that gives twain “pro” and “con” arguments in-reference-to the consequence of undivided having “the straight to perish.” In segregation, give a antipathyiberal abridgment or segregation of late legitimate cases kindred to this consequence, such as those of the medical doctor knacknowledge to some as “Doctor Death,” who helped terminally antipathy patients perpetrate painless suicide.

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