What is Panera Bread’s policy? Which of the five general competitive strategies 

1. Low-cost provider policy
2. A comprehensive differentiation policy
3. Focused low-cost policy
4. focused differentiation policy
5. best-cost provider policy

most closely apportion the competitive appropinquation that Panera Bread is vestibule? What stamp of competitive utility is Panera Bread unamenable to terminate? 


  1. What does a SWOT segregation       of Panera Bread discover encircling the overall attractiveness of its post? Does the posse feel any centre competencies or distinguished  competencies? 
  2. What are the pristine components of Panera Bread’s estimate security? 
  3. What does the facts in occurrence Exhibit 1 discover encircling Panera Bread’s financial exploit?       How well-mannered-mannered is the posse doing financially? Use the financial ratios in the Appendix as a superintend in doing the calculations needed to come-to at an       analysis-based response to your impost of Panera’s fresh financial exploit.
  4. Describe undivided or two things you skilled as a consequence of doing this occurrence examine that was novel or thrilling. 

Use the unshaken quotation to perfect the occurrence examine

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