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Term Paper  Much instruction on history deals with dates and events.  We rarely discuss the emotions or internal drives that led  men and women to  create the history that we study.  Yet,  one purpose of studying our past is to learn how and why people acted or reacted the way they did.  The objective of the term paper I have assigned for this course this semester seeks to rectify that.There are several characteristics Americans, including Europeans, and Native Americans have displayed during our history, such as Courage,Risk takingGreedGenerosityLoyaltyPerseveranceGenius/ingenuityStupidityEmotional reactionsHateAngerLoveSacrifice What I want you to do is pick three of these words above and then:1. Provide a definition of the word you chose.  2.  Give three one or two sentence examples of historical events that occurred before 1877 that demonstrate that characteristic3.  Write a narrative (1-2 pages) of the event which best describes that characteristic.4.  Explain why that event best describes that characteristic.Your notes,  the powerpoints, and the text are sufficient sources to use in crafting your responses.For risk taking I wanted to talk about the mayflower compact and how the colonists set up a government different from what they experience back in england, sacrifice I wanted to talk about the native americans and how they had to give up their land and also hariett tubman and how she escaped and sacrificed her freedom to help others escape and for perseverance you can do whatever. now i have already started, I just cant finis. Here is what I haveJanay AikensProfessor David A. DavisAMH 2010 Term Paper12 June 2014The Character Traits of History  Many people look at history solely as a factually based subject that lacks true meaning and importance. History is more than just memorizing dates and the foundations of colonies. History teaches many lessons, much wisdom can be learned. Throughout the study of history, values and morals can be obtained. In just this semester alone, I have seen risk taking, sacrifice, and perseverance demonstrated multiple times in stories that I once brushed aside.  Risk taking is defined as adventurous, courageous, brave; exposure to the chance of injury or loss. The act of taking a risk occurred well before the revolutionary war. The real revolution was the colonists even having the courage to venture off across the seas, not knowing the danger that they could be facing. From the time Jamestown was founded, the colonists endured death from foreign diseases and starvation.