A healthy relationship between you and your roommate is essential, it contributes to your peace of mind. A messy relationship with your roommate cannot only affect your mind but also lead to violence and hatred between you two. There are several things you can do to ensure you get along well with your roommate.

Solve problems

Solve problems whenever they crop up. Do not wait for the situation to worsen until you cannot handle it on your own and you have to engage the school administration. For instance, if one of you is careless and they leave the doors open, exposing your room to thieves advise them to stop. In case you realize a problem when it is already enormous. Solve it immediately to avoid more complications.

Outline your expectations

Take time together and share what you expect from each other. Analyze every issue in detail to ensure your roommate understands. Tell them the level of hygiene you expect in the room and acceptable levels of noise. In case something pisses you off don’t be afraid to express yourself. Also, listen to your roommate carefully and abide by his rules and guidelines, don’t cross their line as that might initiate problems.

Treat your roommate well

Treat your roommate as you would like to be treated, respect them and take care of their resources. Don’t use their staff without permission. Create a mutual relationship with a high level of understanding and maturity. Respect your differences too. Sometimes the school allocates you a roommate you have never met. Both of you may be from different cultural backgrounds, respect that and live harmoniously with them.

Don’t expect to be best friends

Unrealistic expectations can lead to hurt. Do not expect your roommate to be your best friend, instead maintain your social circle.  If you two become best friends then well and good but in case you don’t it is still okay. Remember your roommate might have a different approach to life. You might even not share common interests and passions.  

Be mindful of people you allow to your room

Make sure the people you bring to the room cannot harm you or your roommate. Mutually agree about the best time to invite friends. In case you have a romantic partner make sure you discuss with your roommate the best time they can visit to avoid making your roommate uncomfortable.

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