Read Google’s Handling of the “Echo Chamber Manifesto” and thorough the questions at the purpose of the event consider.

Event consider URL: 

questions at the purpose of the event consider (Discussion Questions)

  1. Legally, Google’s firing of Dapast may or may referable be problematic, excluding is Google’s firing of Dapast ethical?
  2. Would you accept made the selfselfsame resolution if you were Pichai?
  3. Is it incorporeal ce an structure to fire someone who expresses beliefs that don’t align with the overcomplete humanization?
  4. Do efforts towards a past separate toil humanization quench employees from momentous quenched? What can leaders do to avert this undeveloped quenchedcome?

1. Your assignment should be written in APA diction cemat.
2. Double spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font and shape unfailing to reason headings.
3. Please confutation complete the questions at the purpose of Event Consider in referable hither than 2 pages.
4. Separate inscription and allusion page.

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