Working in a group project is not always a walk in the park. However, with great determination and organization, group work can be a great learning experience. There are several things that a student can do to survive in a group project.

Choose the best team members

Having shared the same class with your course mates. You understand their character and habits. You can distinguish the unreliable from intelligent and cooperative students. Join the ones who cherish teamwork and work with them. Keep in mind that the group is just temporary and good grades matter.

Have a positive attitude.

Stay positive about the group and cooperate with them. A negative attitude will make group work more stressful. Take this as an opportunity to learn and believe that it is preparing you for future roles. Some members may be pessimistic about the group, don’t allow them to influence you. Keep it positive.

Clarify expectations and roles

Analyze the project in detail and understand the different tasks that are supposed to be executed. Delegate the tasks. Set goals and deadlines and agree on when to hold group meetings. Note the information down to avoid confusion.

Choose a leader

The first thing you should do after the introduction is choosing a leader. A leader plays a pivotal role in the entire process. He keeps everyone on toes and tracks the progress of individuals. In case there is no one willing to take that position, volunteer. Although leadership is tough it prepares you for management roles.


Make sure you keep communication alive from the onset till you hand in the project. You can use Facebook groups, tweets, phone calls and emails to reach out to other group members. Google docs through the Gmail account is also a good communication channel as members can work on a document together.

Don’t procrastinate

Start working on the project as soon as you are assigned. Working on a project at the last minute raises anxiety. Working on it on time creates room for seeking clarifications and materials that are required.

Appreciate the diversity of ideas

Every group is made up of people from different backgrounds. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. Do not look down on some people, instead appreciate and listen carefully to every person’s point of view. This will enrich your project as you will have incorporated different ideas.

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