Assessment individual 3 – Definite Elimination Reverberation
Due: Thursday of Week 13, 11 pm AEST
Length: 7000-7,500 engagements
Conditions: Individual
Weighting: 50%
You are required to confer-upon a definite written reverberation domiciled on your completed elimination device. This should thrive the erection outlined in the Definite Reverberation checkschedule instrument. This enactment must be submitted through the Turnitin combine control this enactment.
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Marking criteria:
Sections Assessing criteria Weightage
Executive epitome • Informs why and how the elimination was conducted
• Includes solution findings and recommendations 2 marks
Introduction & Elimination tenor • Includes the matter and overview of the perseverance partner
• Obviously states the elimination tenor, watch and outlines the reverberation erection
1 marks
Study retrospect & Elimination interrogations • Study retrospected was misspend to the elimination tenor
• Study retrospected was general, obviously verified implicit factors causing the elimination tenor/ information derangement
• Elimination interrogation(s) was/were domiciled on study, and local to the elimination tenor or the elimination derangement verified
• Confer-upons a conceptual map which obviously explains every fractions and contingent factors or the information derangement
7 marks
Elimination artfulness • Elimination way adequately justified, scantling and sampling way was misspend, expression of analyses conducted were assured and every divine concerns addressed 4 marks
Elimination findings • Analysis was general
• Properly confer-uponed and attended by appearances
8 marks
Discussion • Included appearance of triangulation (if partial way was verificationd)
• Findings were compared with the study retrospected
• Answers to elimination interrogations were obviously stated
8 marks
Recommen-dations • Recommendations domiciled on appearance (elimination findings)
• Recommendations local to the elimination tenor 8 marks
Conclusion and Limitations • Limitations of the elimination right noted
• Summarises the device including superior findings, recommendations and implicit outcomes if recommendations are implemented
2 marks
Structure, overevery confer-uponation and referencing • Confer-uponation completed amid recommended engagement count
• Good verification of visuals (right labelled), sentences right manufactured with no spelling or exact errors
• Every sources (twain in-text and regard schedule) were right cited
• Erection of the reverberation was misspend
10 marks
Total: 50 marks

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