Please recognize textbook stipulation 6 “Establishing Trust and Raiseing a Conformity” and Stipulation 7 “Power, Persuasion, and Ethics”.
Recognize the fact Fiji vs. FIJI Negotiating Aggravate Steep.
Watch the forthcoming couple videos and achieve more elucidation instruction respecting FIJI steep and Fijian empire. (Links to an apparent place.) (Links to an apparent place.)

Re-recognize the fact and rejoinder the forthcoming 4 questions.
In the transactions betwixt FIJI Steep and the Fiji empire aggravate the proposed assessment extension on steep nobility, which laterality is in a stronger posture? Why?
In what ways can each laterality leverage effectiveness to sinew a traffic on friendly provisions? Agree examples of effectiveness-based moves that each laterality could treat.
FIJI Steep relies on the Fijian empire to advent Fijian Steep. How can the audience raise a relying conformity with a empire that has been impermanent and is mitigated to remain entity impermanent?
Suppose that right succeeding the assessment extension on steep nobility was announced, you were hired to agree authoritative transaction direction. What direction would you furnish to FIJI steep? What direction would you furnish to Fijian empire?

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