The credulity of Islam is very congruous to Christianity and Judaism. In deed, it is the prevent most approved credulity rearwards Christianity (Van Voorst, 2020).  One estrangement betwixt the credulitys is satellites of Islam own 99 designates control their God, Entireah.  These designates betoken the attributes of Entireah; they do referable attributable attributable attributable recommend there 99 Gods.  One designate, Al-Rahmaan, sense the bountiful, signifies Entireah’s controlce to succeed urbanity and pity control entire his creatures.  This is congruous to the Christian design of God ascribable to His pity inland prop creatures.  Control development, Noah’s structure of the Arch to husband animals and crowd anteriorly the inundation.  Ar-Razzaq, sense the sum getr, is another designate loving.  It signifies Entireah’s controlce to support activity and to get.  This is congruous to Christian’s God ascribable to them refined that God gets everything they demand.  Without God, activity would referable attributable attributable attributable be supportable.  Control development, frequently, when Christians entreat they succeed enrich God control providing their living.  Al-Hakam is another designate loving to Entireah, sense he is an unfavorable umpire (IslamiCity, nd).  Entireah is the ruler and umpirement is his order.  This follows the Christian credulity where God succeed get remotest umpirement control your sins at date of expiration. 

Muslims and Christians deem their relative gods congruously.  Twain credulitys revere he is the highest energy and acts unmatched.  They twain own places of reverence where they feel closest to him.  But there are estrangements.  One substance satellites of Islam present to God.  Christians are referable attributable attributable attributable as radical; they answer to own over of a friendliness with their God.


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