you are a camp director for this assignment follow the instructions please respond to question 5 and 6 with 700 words 350 words for each problem attached are some resource

5. After reviewing the questions in the template, describe what your initial thoughts are about the questions in each of these categories:

Program Plan
Marketing Plan
Marketing Strategy Plan
Management Plan
Financial Plan

6. Describe three program planning steps you would like to explore in the coming year.

Resources attached

Keeping your Program Current

Program Business Plan Program Business Plan

One way to assess your current or future programs more in depth is by examining multiple aspects of the program. These include the program

Participation Target Market Competition Program Impact

A program business plan provides a business strategy for each program a camp offers. It is part of an organization’s business plan. A program business plan examines each program individually. The combination of all of the camp program business plans make up an overall program strategy.

The rst step is to review the camp’s mission and philosophy. Next, determine the key audiences to be served by the program. Then, choose one of your camp’s programs or a segment of a program which you would like to examine. For example, you could choose your resident camp program as a whole or individual program within the resident camp, such as the teen leadership program. Other examples include day camp, environmental education, year-round rental groups or other segment of your program. This is a good way to review programs or services which may not be meeting the needs of participants in the same way as they did in the past.

Keeping your Program Current

Programming for Today’s Camper

The following information is an excerpt from the article on the ACA website by Geoff Ball. Visit the full article: Keeping Your Program Current: Programming for today’s camper

A great challenge for camp directors is to maintain the delicate balance between providing current programming that meets the needs of today’s campers and exciting past campers and staff with a new vision of camp programming. While past participants and staff often feel strongly about what goes on at camp, the current camper and parent have the greatest stake in this experience. It is vital that the program at camp not stagnate “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Careful evaluation of current program content and constant consideration of children’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs will always be in vogue. Consider these principles of program development and evaluation when reviewing ways to keep your camp program current.

What Worked Then May Not Work Now

What worked ve, ten, or fty years ago may not work today or in ve years. Campers’ preferences change at the speed of technology. Hundreds of media impressions in uence children each hour. Youth are less physically active than ten years ago and are less prone to accept physical challenges. The need for instant grati cation, more comfort, and less risk in a child’s life creates many challenges for creating camp programs that appeal to both campers and parents and meet the goals for healthy child development. The boon in specialty camps is a response to this less generalized child. These camps ll a void in summer programs, targeting a speci c and marketable need or desire of children; however, they may lack a focus on the whole child.

Connect Campers with Tradition

The second basic principle is “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” History and traditions are as important in today’s program as prudent risk management and emergency procedures. Children need to know their roots in order to feel connected to family, community, and to their camp. Some aspects of your current program may seem dated, but in reality they are very current and vital. These traditions should remain unchanged. Sharing the history of camp and why the traditional programs are still in place will create a connectedness for campers in their camp community.

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