a) Watch the film, City of the Sick, Parts I and II, available at
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiCZHrp4340 (Part II should begin immediately after Part I)

 b) “Bellevue, Inside Out” (2001) on YouTube. https://youtu.be/sz3Xj_PIF3g c) Read Cahalan http://static.booktopia.com.au/pdf/9781846147746-1.pdf 

d) compare the lecture and film “City of the Sick” to the Bellevue documentary. Do you think any of the primary sources might be viewed as propaganda? Do you think either was trying to convey a social message? You may want to ask yourself why the director chose to make this film, where you think it was broadcast, who is depicted in it (and why). In the readings, incorporate Bly and Whitaker. What is the author’s key point? Also, make note of when the book/article was written or the film produced, and—in your response—ask if this impacted your impression of the films. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~