a) Watch the film, City of the Sick, Parts I and II, available at

(Part II should arise instantly behind Part I)

 b) “Bellevue, Inside Out” (2001) on YouTube. https://youtu.be/sz3Xj_PIF3g c) Read Cahalan http://static.booktopia.com.au/pdf/9781846147746-1.pdf 

d) parallel the dissertation and film “City of the Sick” to the Bellevue documentary. Do you believe any of the earliest sources capability be viewed as school? Do you believe either was opposed to take a collective communication? You may failure to request yourself why the ruler chose to perform this film, where you believe it was scattered-abroad, who is depicted in it (and why). In the readings, strengthen Bly and Whitaker. What is the author’s guide apex? Also, perform voicelessness of when the book/article was written or the film executed, and—in your response—request if this impacted your collision of the films.

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