Question One Part 1: Refer to the LMC program below: 1. What is the first number placed in the out basket? 2. What is the last number placed in the out basket? 3. Describe what the LMC program does. Mailbox Contents 00 506 01 207 02 902 03 705 04 601 05 000 …………….. 06 10 DAT 07 2 DAT Part 2: Write a Little Man program (using Mnemonic and Numeric code) that add two input numbers subtract a third input numbers from them and output the result. Question Two Part 1: Convert the following number to a floating point format i.e. (SEEMMMMM) format. 73.8224 Part 2: Add the floating point (SEEMMMMM) number converted in Part 1 with the following number: 05564373 Question Three ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a coding system that can be used to represent characters. a. Explain how ASCII is used to represent text in a computer system. b. Unicode is also used to represent text in a computer system. Explain the difference between the character sets of Unicode and ASCII c. Convert the word CAB into binary using the ASCII character set. d. What character string does the binary ASCII code. 01010011 01000101 01010101 ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~