850 words, case study – Company law, Contracts

business law
Topics related to the case study – Company law, Contracts
Minimum word count- 850 words
Question 1 – (10 marks.)
Write as paragraphs
Read the case of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co [1892] EWCA Civ 1 and answer the following questions giving reasons for your answer.
(1) Was the advertisement a mere ‘puff’ or sales talk? (1 mark)
(2) Can an offer be made to the whole world? (1 mark)
(3) Must acceptance or an intention to accept an offer be communicated? (2 marks)
(4) Can performance of a condition in an offer constitute sufficient acceptance of that offer? (2marks)
(5) Was the contract made when the offeree did the act requested? (2 marks)
(6) Was the advertisement too vague to form the basis of a contract? (2marks)
Question 2 (5 marks)

(1) Tanya (aged 17) takes her CD player to the local repair shop to be fixed. If she does not pay, can the repairer enforce the contract against her after she turns 18? Give reasons for your answer