1. What are the most relevant activity and performance measures for KaBOOM! to focus on?

2. Should KaBOOM! try to track such impacts as childhood activity and obesity, or should it concentrate on closer-in memories of outputs and outcomes?

3. To the extent that KaBOOM! should, in your view, pursue a networking or alliance strategy to expand its mission impact, how should that be reflected in its performance measurement and management system?

4. Sketch the outline of the performance management measurement and management system you would propose for KaBOOM! What outputs or outcomes or impacts would you specify , and how would you propose to measure them? What activities would you monitor, and what measures would you use to track them?

Use a word processing program with a font size of 12 and side margins of 1 inch. • Type the paper in double space. Use topical headings to make the paper easy to read. • Include your page numbers. • Include a cover page with your title, name, and date. • Papers must be written in APA style for formatting, citing, and references.

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