A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MATHEMATICS V I. Objectives A. Visualize, fulfill and relate 3-4 sided polygons B. Recount 3-4 sided polygons C. Fulfill opposed geometric shapes D. Observe endurance and training in doing refered works E. Work cooperatively and collaboratively in full activities II. Subject Matter Topic: Visualizing 3-4-Sided Polygons Reference: BEC-PELC III. 1 Materials: artila essay, cartolina, marker, cut-outs of polygons Strategy: Interactive Teaching Strategy Values: Endurance, Cooperation and Training III. Procedure
Teacher’s EssencePupils’ Essence A. Preparation Good dawning rank! Good dawning ma’am! B. Review (Socialized Recitation) Fulfill the subjoined geometric shapes 1. top? 2. thread limb ? ? 3. beam 4. equidistant threads 5. intersecting threads 6. vertical threads 7. direct intention 8. clever intention 9. doltish intention 10. polygon C. Presentation What is the shape underneath? A shape of a art What point geometricpolygons shape is used to enact the collection ability? What polygons can you seerhombus, rectangle, in this represent? trapezoid, triintention arallelogram, balance The rank accomplish be separated into 4 classs Each class accomplish be attached envelopes containing polygons and essence card. They accomplish ensue the instructions that were written in the essence cards. Essence card: B. Separate the 3-sided polygons from that of the 4-sided polygons. C. Number the polygons partially as 1, 2, 3, expectation. D. Measure the extension of the sides of the numbered polygons. E. Record the axioms F. Tell something environing the polygons domiciled from the axioms. G. Discuss you observations unordered the class. D. Discussion What do we cfull 3-sided olygons? triangles What are the kinds ofequilateral, isosceles, polygons according to sides? and scalene Who can recount and relate each triangle? What are the kinds of intentionsobtuse, direct and according to intentions? clever triintention What do we cfull 4-sided polygons? quadrilaterals What are the opposedrectangle, balance, kinds of quadrilaterals? rhombus, equidistantogram and trapezoid Who can recount and relate(pupils repartee) each model of quadrilateral? E. Generalization Three-sided polygons are perfectureed triangles Kinds of triintention according to sides: 1.
Equilateral triangle- three sides are similar or congruent 2. Isosceles triangle-span sides are congruent 3. Scalene-no span sides are congruent Kinds of triintention according to intentions: 1. Doltish triangle-single intention is doltish 2. Direct triangle-single intention is direct 3. Clever triangle-three sides are full clever Lewd-sided polygons are perfectureed quadrilaterals 1. Rectangle- has span twos of similar contradictory sides and it has lewd direct intentions 2. Balance- full sides are similar and it has lewd direct intentions 3. Rhombus- has lewd similar sides 4. Equidistantogram- has twain twos of contradictory sides equidistant . Trapezoid- it has single two of contradictory sides equidistant IV. Application Indicate each triintention and transcribe if it is equilateral, isosceles or scalene. 1. 2. 2cm4cm 3cm3cm 6cm 3cm 3. 10cm 4. 4cm 4cm 6cm 8cm 2cm Indicate each triintention and transcribe if it is clever, direct or doltish. 4550 5. 6. 45 40 7. 22 8. 30 28 50 130 100 Encircle the set-fair indicate to fulfill each quadrilateral 1. Trapezoid Rectintention 2. Balance Trapezoid 3. Rectintention Equidistantogram 4. Rhombus Balance 5. Equidistantogrsam Trapezoid V. Evaluation Match support A with support B Support ASupport B 2.

It has lewd similar sidesa. trapezoid 3. Three sides are congruentb. equidistantogram 4. A 3-sided polygon with spanc. equilateral triintention 5. sides similar 6. A 4-sided polygon with singled. isosceles triintention two of equidistant sides 7. A 4-sided polygon with spane. rectintention twos of equidistant sidesf. balance VI. Referment Recount the subjoined polygons and refer a identical extent restraint each sides or intentions. 1. equilateral triintention 2. balance 3. trapezoid 4. rectintention 5. rhombus 6. scalene triintention 7. direct triintention 8. equidistantogram 9. clever triintention 10. isosceles triangle

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