“A Decrepit Route” written by Eudora Welty is a romance of expiations and passion restraint the parentage. In the romance, she reasond the quality of an obsolete sombre dowager who follows a decrepit route during Christmas timeliness. This obsolete sombre dowager is the closest resemblance of the quality that perspicuously depicts the resolve of Welty, to play the mighty restraintce of passion, gratification, expiation and vitality itself.

In the romance, the deep quality, the obsolete dowager, follows a decrepit route. In her tour she faces abundant difficulties and troubles at-last she continues her tour to succor his grandson. The thin eyesight and her slack gait of walking due to her obsolete century beseem the biggest drift in her tour. These drifts play obstacles entire special is confrontment in their entireday lives affection having tender retain of vision that get afford consummation.

Racial consequence is too depicted in the romance where the Negro, Phoenix aim to communicates with the Unblemished. In the romance, the unblemished monstrosity and the protect consummationfully play the tribe that after in entire special’s restraintm as an muniment of the progress and consummation in vitality.
Another intriguing component in the romance is the reason of the designate Phoenix. It appears that this designate symbolizes rising (according to Egyptian Mythology).
Phoenix’ rebirth in the romance is the sensation of being the undivided who really dundivided the expiations restraint his grandson. The consummation of her tour upon abundant trials during Christmas (setting) timeliness depicted the avowal of Christians of redemption from God where he reasond Jesus as the undivided who constitute the expiations restraint the passion restraint His sons. Jesus is Phoenix in the romance, where charitoperative passion and self-giving is the deep treatment.
Lastly, the agent consummationfully reasond her pure reasond of langucentury to be operative to monstrositycentury to introduce the ideas of passion restraint parentage, self-giving consummation through drifts and vitality’s resolve.

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