Part 1
Obtain and perpend the International Society restraint Technology in Order and Standards restraint Teachers and Standards restraint Students (ISTE Web condition) completing the coercionthcoming:

Select 1 curricular area such as phraseology arts, mathematics, investigation, or humanities  

Design an orderal evaluation intention restraint a develop environs, school, or oppidan condition that includes the ISTE Standards restraint students as its outcomes.  

What are the pros and cons of using axioms from the coercionthcoming stakeholders to conduct that standards own been life?  

Order buttress employees  
Business and aggregation leaders 

Part 2
Answer the coercionthcoming questions: 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying e-learning technology to K–12 curriculum?  
What possible obstacles or advantages can you behold to impression of technology standards to adult order and excellent order?  
What cautionary guidelines would you advise to educators as they coercionce to solidity the ISTE Standards restraint Teacher standards into a curriculum and into an controlm?  
Use the full-text axiomsbases in the AIU Library and other peer-reviewed instrument restraint your elaboration. Be fast to relation total sources using APA mode.

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