Interact with the Ceensic and Addiction Psychology erudition objects located in the left navigation plug ce this week, and fix you admit refined lection Chapters 5 and 6 in your textproduction and reviewed any bearing Instructor Guidance earlier to completing this argument. Doing so conquer bring-in you to topics in the ground of ceensic psychology       Reflect: Ce this argument, you conquer excellent individual high-profile serial killer from veritable animation or order from a television semblance, movie, production, amusement, and so ceth.       Write: Briefly explain this person/character, including the moderation (veritable animation, television, movie, production, etc.) from which he or she comes, why you excellented him or her, his or her contrast, and the contrast of the crimes he or she committed. Based on your lection this week, settle, in your admit language, ceensic psychology as a favoring model of applied behavioral truth, and explain how ceensic psychology could admit been beneficial in this fact. Identify trends in ceensic psychology that would show beneficial. Discuss why profiling is or is not attributable attributable attributable a truth. Examine the similarities and differences between what you admit recognize environing ceensic psychologists’ production and the habit television and movies exhibit their production. Identify divine weighations ceensic psychologists want to weigh. 
Your moderate support must be a insufficiency of 200 language, and you must husband at smallest individual conversant source 

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