ACC307 Individual Assignment, Write a report of 1500 words answer two case study questions

ACC307 Individual Assignment

Due date: 8pm Sunday week 4, 7/10/2018
Individual assignment
Write a report of 1500 words answer two case study questions.
Case one: (25 marks)
Intergovernmental working group of experts on international
standards of accounting and reporting
1. What are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)? (3 marks)
2. Many concerns are expressed in this article. List three factors that you think
are causing concern about the impact of adoption of IFRS. (6 marks)
3. Consider each of the three factors you mentioned in response to question 2.
(a) Is there empirical evidence to support the factor? (8 marks)
(b) Is the analysis leading from the factor to the concerns about adoption
of IFRS scientific or naturalistic in its approach? Explain your answer.
(8 marks)
Case two: (15 marks)
1. On 1 January 2005 Australia adopted IASB standards.
(a) Do you agree with this change? Why or why not? (5 marks)
(b) Who stands to gain from Australia’s adoption of IASB standards?
Explain. (5 marks)
(c) Who stands to lose from Australia’s adoption of IASB standards?
Explain. (5 marks)
From 1 January 2005 the AASB will issue Australian equivalents to IFRS.
This process involves the AASB issuing IASB exposure drafts as exposure
drafts in Australia. Constituents can provide comments on standards to the
AASB and IASB. Final standards issued by the IASB are subsequently
issued in Australia with any additional paragraphs necessary to make the
standards suitable for public sector and not-for-profit entities.
Students are required to answer questions in an essay format (introduction, body,
conclusion and references) attached a cover with students’ information. Front size 12,
1.5 line space.
Similarity rate must be lower than 20%, between 20%-40%, you will receive penalty
on your report, higher than 40%, you will fail your report immediately.
If you submit your report after the due date, you will receive 10% penalty on each day
late unit zero mark.
No excuses including medical certificate will be accepted.