Donnaree Allison I have always been told the choices I make now are going to determine my future. Everyone goes through a struggle and I have had my fair share, but no matter how hard I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to succeed. I was struggling in High School and decided to give up. It didn’t take long for me to realize this is not what I wanted. By dropping out of High School I wasn’t succeeding. I thought to myself how could I accomplish any of the goals I set for myself? So I decided to enroll in Job Corps and attained my G. E. D within two months. That wasn’t enough. I wanted to go to college.
Choosing a college was hard. Then it dawned on me what better college than the one my mom attended, and so I chose Monroe. Goal is a very important subject for me. I have already planned and completed some of my goals, which improved me a lot, however, my long time goals in the future are not easy as the past; it will take a longer time to complete and will be the most challenging mission for me, but with determination and hard work I will pull through. The first thing I am doing is complete my education. I plan to put my best foot forward excelling through each college course.
I want to absorb as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible. In conclusion no matter how old or young one is; it is never too late or too early to start working towards an educational goal in becoming a college graduate! Like My Mother always said it is only the lack of belief in ourselves that stops us from achieving those things and it is only through our own understanding, ability and perseverance that we see them become realities until then, they are little more than visions in a crystal ball, with no chance of development.

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