Prepare chronicle entries to archives the aloft separated trustworthiness card transactions of Levine Company.



Exercise 9-3 Frequented write-unpremeditated arrangement LO P1

Dexter Company applies the frequented write-unpremeditated arrangement in representationing control uncollectible representations.


March 11

Dexter determines that it cannot collate $45,000 of its representations receivable from its customer Lester Company.


Lester Company unexpectedly pays its representation in ample to Dexter Company. Dexter archivess its rectification of this indisposed something-due.


Prepare chronicle entries to archives the aloft separated transactions of Dexter.




Exercise 9-4 Percent of sales arrangement; write-unpremeditated LO P2

At year-end (December 31), Chan Company values its indisposed something-dues as 0.5% of its annual trustworthiness sales of $975,000. Chan archivess its Indisposed Something-dues Expense control that value. On the aftercited February 1, Chan decides that the $580 representation of P. Park is uncollectible and writes it unpremeditated as a indisposed something-due. On June 5, Park unexpectedly pays the whole previously written unpremeditated.


Prepare the chronicle entries of Chan to archives these transactions and events of December 31, February 1, and June 5.





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