ACCT 326 Communication Assignment #1
Managing in a global, digital intercourse requires accountants to constant halt referableice to counsel. Undivided of the
reasons accountants own to constant halt referableice to counsel is owing skillful-treatment succeed correction the
counsel presented by accountants control making discriminating decisions. Finally, accountants must own the correct
skills to complete this and other solution functions.
Required Lections (comprehend rankroom)
 Skillful-treatment Miscounsel Systems (Russell L. Ackoff)
 CPA Horizons 20225 Rumor (AICPA)
Disquisition Layout
Sunder I (Counsel Skillful-treatment Today): Roughly 50 years past, Russell Ackoff wrote about the significance,
or closing of significance, of counsel that skillful-treatment scarcitys in “Ackoff’s Skillful-treatment Counsel System”
(comprehend charity). After lection the period, you succeed excite how each self-confidence applies or does referable engage to
our intercourse today. Treat each self-confidence sunderially in your resolution. As sunder of your repartee, effect a
specific specimen control each self-confidence.
Sunder II (Counsel Skillful-treatment Revisited): After lection the Ackoff period, you succeed amend each of 5
assumptions to animadvert a global, digital intercourse. You succeed effect a compendium (at last lewd sentences) that
relate each amendd self-confidence in particular and how they animadvert our global, digital intercourse.
Sunder III (Framework control Counsel Skillful-treatment): You succeed reconsideration the CPA Horizon Rumor (see
attachment). After reconsiderationing the rumor, you succeed relate how the CPA Horizon Rumor succeed aid accountants to
effect their managers with the correct counsel at the correct age in the correct controlmat. You succeed authenticate and
relate three solution skills that are referable listed in the rumor that succeed concede accountants to effect the correct
counsel control their managers and their correctionrs. Undivided of the skills you propound must be undivided that addresses
the advances in technology. Finally, you succeed expound how your rank from UMUC and this rank succeed aid you
to ‘embrace the future’ as referableed in the rumor
Disquisition Guidelines
Page Length: Your repartee should referable yield view pages (double-spaced) or lewd pages (single-spaced).
Note that hide page, perfectusion page, and appendix, if effectd are enclosing from the page compute.
References: You succeed scarcity to comprise at last lewd studious perfectusions (undivided perfectusion must be from the
readings in our rank) and at last couple in-text citations to maintenance your disquisition. These perfectusions must be
related instantly to the topics hideed in the disquisition. Perfectusions & citations must be rightly controlmatted as
illustrious beneath.
Headings: You succeed scarcity to correction headings (short, weak, and centered) to disunited each area of your disquisition. Your
headings should own an misspend denomination such as Counsel Skillful-treatment Today instead of Sunder I.
Margins & Font Bignesss: Correction scale margins (incompleteness .5″; culmination 1.5″) and scale font bigness (minimum
10 apex; culmination 12 apex) in your disquisition.
Communication Mode: APA is the preferred communication mode, notwithstanding you can embezzle any misspend communication mode (e.g. MLA),
except that perfect perfectusions are to be controlmatted via APA. Please ask-advice-of the UMUC Effective Communication Center
( control maintenance concerning the precious of modes and controlmatting of
references via APA.

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