Subject Code and Distinction ACCT6001 Accounting Not attribuboard attributableice Systems
Assessment Assessment 3: Occurrence Examine – Excel-Based
Individual/Group Individual
Learning Outcomes
d) Apply technical not attribuboard attributableice and aptitudes in creating
notice ce the toilplace using spreadsheets
and mental basisbases
e) Communicate with IT professionals, stakeholders and reasonr
groups of not attribuboard attributableice systems
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday object of week
9/Module 5.1
Weighting 25%
Entirety Marks 100 marks
The spreadprevarication is a masterful dupe that has beseem entrenched in trade processes
worldwide. A launched not attribuboard attributableice of Excel is a sharp aptitude ce accountants.
This assessment gift to assess the learner’s coercionce to engender spreadsheets. Learners procure be
using bald basis and consolidatemarising them in a reasonr kindly cemat to cooperate judgment making.
Submission Requirement:
Students scarcity to introduce their Excel Toilbook which includes the dissection and
recommendation prevarication. The refine should be granted in the subjoined cemat:
Learner ID_ Learner Name_ ACCT6001 Assessment 3.xlxs
Example: 0009989t_Adam_Smith_ACCT6001 Assessment 3.xlxs

Your occurrence examine has been biblical by the Grand Prix Cemula 1 pursuit circumstance held annually in
March in Melbourne as the coercionemost pursuit of each F1 suitableness. It is a three day circumstance and thousands
of national and interdiplomatic tourists attobject the circumstance each year.
Victorian Government funds the circumstance. You procure convoy an dissection of supposing
budgeted and explicit basis to examine your Excel aptitudes. You procure toil on The 2020 Pursuit Circumstance
budacquire and analyse weekly ticket sales ce the 2020 Australian Grand Prix Circumstance during the
continuance from 5
th plow 11th of August 2019.
Detailed instructions:
Engender an Excel Toilbook with 6 Toilsheets (tabs):
 Individual Registration
 Entirety Sales per Ticket Mark
 Entirety Sales per Ticket Mark per Kingdom
 The Pursuit Circumstance Budget
 Budacquire Dissection Report
 Dissection and Recommendations
1. Individual Registration Toilsheet
The Individual Registration Toilprevarication incloses not attribuboard attributableice common from customers
when booking a ticket ce the Australian Grand Prix circumstance online.
Engender a consultation harmonious to the individual inferiorneath using supposing details of 30 customers.
Include subjoined supports: Purchase Date ( reason dates betwixt 5.8.-11.8. 2019), Coercionemost
Name, Surname, Street Address (including city and narrate if pertinent), Kingdom, Date of
Birth, Mobile Reckon, Ticket Mark, Correspondentity hired.
Delight reason customers from 8 – 10 countries barely.
You can ascertain pricing not attribuboard attributableice per ticket mark on the professional Australian Grand Prix
webpage inferior the subjoined cohere.
Ticket marks procure diversify grounded on the reckon of days the ticket is purchased ce (3
days Pass, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Saturday and Sunday) and additionally colonization
(Paddock Club, The Lounge, Pursuit Cube awe).
Pattern of the ticket mark: Paddock Club Lounge 3- DAY PASS
Chicane Pavilion Lower SUNDAY

You do not attribuboard attribuboard attribuboard bear to reason complete ticket marks. Reason betwixt 6-8 ticket marks barely. Assume
barely those tickets bear been sold during the week you procure be analysing.
Underneath is a simplified pattern harmonious to the consultation you scarcity to engender. Delight not attribuboard attributablee, the
columns in the pattern are slightly irrelative from what is required. Make confident you follow
the instructions aggravate.
2. Entirety Sales per Ticket Mark Toilsheet
The mind of the proximate toilprevarication is to consolidatemarise the entirety correspondentity pcooperate per ticket mark
using apt Excel cemulas.
Engender a consultation showing a dissection of the entirety correspondentity pcooperate per ticket mark.
Your support headings should be: Ticket Mark, Entirety Correspondentity Hired
Reason divert IF cemulas to consolidatemarise esteems per each ticket mark (6-8 in entirety) cohereing
the esteems straightly to the basis from the Individual Registration Toilprevarication you bear
3. Entirety Sales per Ticket Mark per Kingdom Toilsheet
The mind of the proximate toilprevarication is to consolidatemarise the customer registration basis using
the Pivot Consultation and Charts Dupes.
Pivot consultations are individual of the Excel’s most masterful features. A pivot consultation completeows you to
summarise a catholic established of basis in an gentle and reasonr kindly fashion. It is chiefly momentous in
nowadays trade globe where we are trade with catholic basis establisheds and active extracts are
often scarcityed to cooperate judgment making amid a trade.
You are expected to engender a Pivot Consultation consolidatemarising the weekly sales
per each ticket mark and the kingdom of sale during the continuance from 5
th plow 11th of August

Underneath is an pattern of a pivot consultation consolidatemarising promotional emanation sales per kingdom.
Your pivot consultation procure be consolidatemarising sales per ticket mark per kingdom.
Charts are a grand Excel dupe assisting to introduce basis graphically. Once you engender the pivot
table, reason Charts Excel dupe to introduce the corresponding basis graphically. Reason the chart mark you
consider the most divert. Make it presenconsultation using divert distinction and cematting.
Underneath is an pattern from the pattern aggravate.
4. The Pursuit Circumstance Budacquire Toilsheet
You bear been granted with the Income/Funding and Payments Consultations extracts
from the 2019 Pursuit Circumstance Budget.
You are expected to engender the 2020 Pursuit Circumstance Budacquire using accurately corresponding
categories in your consultations and not attribuboard attributableice inferiorneath.
Income Funding:
– Reason the explicit quantity achieved per each description individual and acception it by 10%
ce your 2020 budget. The barely privilege procure be Registrations with estimated
quantity of 100 ce the 2020 pursuit circumstance.
– Assume 3% acception in individual require per each mode.
Promotional Emanation Sales per Kingdom

– The explicit quantity was 5% eminent than estimated esteems and the acception should be
reflected in the 2020 budget.
– Assume 3% cost acception in each payment mode.
5. Budacquire Dissection Report Toilsheet
The Budacquire Dissection Report Toilprevarication should inclose your 2020 budget
dissection as per pattern inferiorneath (delight repudiate the graph).

Budacquire Dissection Support
• Engender the labels Entirety Payments, Entirety Income and Balance with design
harmonious to aggravate.
• Entirety Payments esteem is to be cohereed to the 2020 Payments consultation.
• Entirety Income esteem is to be cohereed to the entirety budgeted Income correspondentity
from the 2020 Income/Funding consultation.
• Balance is to be conducive as a dissimilarity betwixt Entirety Income and
Entirety Payments
Dissection of Payments and Income
• Engender the labels ce each mode of payments as per aggravate pattern.
• Reason the divert IF capacity to acquire the consolidate of complete individuals that befit to
each mode. Ce pattern, in occurrence of the entirety payments ce the Other
category, ascertain complete categories correspondent to Other inferior the mode support and
add their correspondentity from the correspondentity support of the Payments consultation.
• In the 2019 Payments consultation aggravate, the Jerseys and T-shirts befit to the
Other mode. Therefore, the entirety inferior the Other mode is a consolidate of
expenses connected to Jerseys and T-shirts of $39,000.
6. Dissection and Recommendations Toilsheet
The Dissection and Recommendations Toilsheet’s mind is to consolidatemarise your ascertainings.
Furnish commentary on the sales per ticket mark and colonization aggravate the analysed continuance. You
can reason dissection consultation and graphical introduceation of basis to acceleration your dissection. Grounded on
the analysed sales from the week 5.8-11.8.2019, furnish three recommendations in terms
of the proposed marketing belligerence ce the subjoined week.
Furnish a dissection of the 2020 budacquire you bear engenderd and cemulate individual
recommendation referring to the not attribuboard attributableice granted in the 2019 Budget.

Learning Rubrics
75 -84%
High Distinction
Formulae, cematting
and cell relations
40 %
Formulae, cematting
and cell relation are
mostly inexact and
Inexact calculations
and superior mistakes in
formulas are introduce.
0 – 19
More than 50% of the
formulae, cematting and cell
references are punish.
Several mistakes are introduce
in calculations and cemulas
that bear been reasond.
Majority of the cemulae,
formatting and cell
references are punish.
There are younger
discrepancies or mistakes in
calculations and cemulas
26 – 29
Almost complete cemulae,
formatting and cell relations
are punish.
Complete calculations are punish and
divert cemulas bear
been reasond.

Complete cemulae, cematting and
cell relations are punish.
Complete calculations are punish and
divert cemulas bear
been reasond.
Tables, graphical
delivery of basis,
Pivot Consultation
40 %
Some consultations, graphs,
pivot consultations are
missing or engenderd
with crime or
incomplete basis.
Poor visual
delivery of basis.
0- 19
Some mistakes are introduce in
creating consultations, graphs and
pivot consultations. Some mistakes
bear been dindividual in basis reasond,
but aggravatecomplete learner has
proven launched not attribuboard attributableice
of the Excel dupes reasond.
Visual introduceation of basis
needs amendment in some
20 -25
Tables, graphs and pivot
tables bear been engenderd
with younger mistakes.
Visual introduceation could be
26 -29

There are younger mistakes in
consultation romance, graphs and
pivot consultation.
Overcomplete very good
sense of the Excel
tools with professional
delivery of basis.
30 -33
Tables, graphs and pivot consultation
bear been engenderd punishly
with palliable introduceation of
The learner has shown
palliable inferiorstanding of the
Excel dupes reasond in the

Dissection and
and dissection are not attribuboard attributable
granted or very
Limited contact/
grounded upon dissection.
The learner demonstrated
the coercionce to analyse and
summarise basis ce the
mind of judgment making.
Recommendations are sufficient,
but could be improved.
Well-patent clear dissection and
with Excel contact and
recommendations cohereed to
the dissection.
Thoroughly patent clear and
creative dissection and synthesis
with contact.
Well patent clear
recommendations cohereed to
the dissection inferiortaken.
Highly encumbered and
creative dissection.
Palliable recommendations
linked to the dissection
20% 0-9 10-12 13-14 15-16 17-20

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