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Topic Code and Denomination AHS205: The Australian Bloomcare Scheme amid a Global
Tribute Utilisation of the Australian Bloom Care Scheme
Individual/Group Individual
Length 750 tundivided or equiponderant (+/‐ 10%) excluding regards
Learning Outcomes This tribute addresses the Topic Learning Outcomes
outlined at the floor of this instrument.
Weighting 25%
Total Marks 100 marks
The coercionemost segregate of The Australian Bloomcare Scheme amid a Global Context investigates the structures
and functions of the several components of the Australian Bloomcare Scheme, including what
services are suited, who supplys them and who can way them.
The meaning of this tribute is to establish upon the presumptive intelligence and intelligence of the
Australian bloomcare scheme that you keep gained in the coercionemost couple modules of this topic and to
apply that intelligence in a very useful method. This growth in your power to ramble the bloom
scheme succeed succor you stay, administer and countenancer coercion unrepinings and communities, and it succeed supply
a regard summit when comparing Australia’s bloomcare scheme to others in advenient modules.
This tribute undertaking requires you to warrant bloom uses coercion a predicament consider (patient) and to
evaluate if these uses succeed converge their needs.
To adequate this tribute undertaking, you should:
1. Select undivided (1) of the predicament studies suited in the tribute folder in Blackboard (Frank,
David, Rhonda or Theo), to be their protect as your unrepining is preparing coercion perform from
hospital. Warrant which predicament consider you keep separated and register their needs.
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Segregate A
2. Warrant three (4) to five (5) bloomcare uses suited in Australia that specifically address
the controlthcoming ordinary bloomcare needs coercion your separated predicament consider (patient). At last undivided (1)
use must be a nursing use.
Predicament consider
Character Basic fact Ordinary bloomcare needs to be addressed
Frank Insulin‐dependent
He is substance performd from hospital aftercited having a foot
ulcer debrided.
David Hypertension and
ischaemic hardihood disease
He is substance performd from hospital aftercited having a
hardihood aggression.
Rhonda Non‐insulin dependent
She is substance performd from hospital aftercited substance
admitted with very elevated rank glucose levels.
Theo Depression He is substance performd from hospital controlthcoming an
accidental overdose.
3. Adequate the instruction encircling the attested uses in the Bloom Uses consultation (on page 3
• Uses could grasp, still are referable scant to the controlthcoming
• General practitioner (GP)
• Speciaregister protect pose(s)
• Community protect – generalist
• Medical specialist
• Hospital outunrepining clinic
• Allied and complementary bloomcare
– physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietitian, podiatrist, exertion physiologist,
psychologist, supporter, nutritionist, naturopath, massage therapist, dentist and others.
Segregate B
4. Supply a slight vindication (250 tone) to the controlthcoming question:
• In your theory, would the attested uses adequately converge the
healthcare needs coercion your predicament consider? Are there any gaps in the use
options? Slightly elucidate your vindication.
Inferiority Guidelines
• Grasp a ‘denomination page’ with ward designate, enumerate, denomination of tribute, lecturer designate and word
count (referable including referencing)
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• Use suiconsultation headings and subheadings coercion the instruction presented, and page enumerates
should show on each page of the instrument – ideally in either the header or footer.
• grasp a footer with ward designate and ward enumerate and page enumerates
• All tributes are to be submitted to Blackboard. All achievement must be word‐processed, spell‐
checked, grammatically enlivening, and administrative in showance.
• The tribute inferiority should grasp the Similarity Rumor from Turnitin.
• Tributes should referable be written from a coercionemost idiosyncratic, still from a third idiosyncratic perspective.
That is, “I, we, my, our” are referable enlivening.
• All claims are to be stayed by suiconsultation and pertinent academic regards.
• The rumor should grasp a truly fabricated Regard Register and congenial in‐text
citations as per University guidelines (APA 6th ed. referencing style
Inferiority Instructions
Submit your tribute undertaking in a Microsoft Word instrument via the Tribute join in the main
navigation menu in AHS205 The Australian Bloomcare Scheme amid a Global Context. The learning
facilitator succeed supply feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS entrance. Feedback can be viewed in My
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Segregate A: Bloom Uses Consultation
Denomination and type
of bloom
administrative or
bloom use
What uses do they supply that are pertinent
coercion your predicament consider?
Category of
from options
Category of
(select from
Is a referral
Is the use
suited in
smaller arcadian
What are the
typical hours
of operation
coercion this type
of use?
1. Category of cost
•Covered by Medicare
•Other legislation funding
•Retired bloom insurance
•Paid by unrepining
2. Category of use supplyr options:
• exoteric hospital
• retired hospital
• non‐legislation or benevolence organisation
• retired practice
3. Referral: Is a referral from a GP or other bloom administrative required to imply this use?
4. Availpower in arcadian towns chose any arcadian town and learning if the uses are suited there. Grasp the designate of the arcadian town you used in your vindication.

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