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Patho Discussion Week 3
This week, construct a 1–2 stipulation rejoinder to ONE of the forthcoming questions.

Alterations in Immune Function
How do cast 1, 2, 3, and 4 hypersensitivity reactions dissent according to means of exercise?
What are the clinical features of the low immunodeficiency conjecture?
Venomous Conjectures of Innocent Order Cells
How do the several casts of leukemia, lymphoma, and plasma cell myelomas dissent domiciled on venomous transmutation?
Why are venomous conjectures of innocent order cells lowly associated with plague pith degradation?
Alterations in Oxygen Transport
How are narrative and clinical manifestations used to dissententiate the several forms of anemia and polycythemia?
Alterations in Hemostasis and Order Coagulation
What findings from the resigned narrative, material demonstration, or lab studies would specify a feasible bleeding conjecture?
What are the low causes of platelet dysfunction ascribable to sum and condition?
What are the low causes of lineal and habitual coagulation conjectures?
Alterations in Order Flow
What are the clinical consequences of clever and constant arterial obstructions and how do they unravel?
What are the causes and clinical consequences of flimsy and mysterious venous obstructions?

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