The extractbook’s authors presented three unanalogous characterizations of the U.S. citizenry. One is that U.S. citizens are apolitical, frigid, self-interested, ignorant, idle men-folks. The remedy is that most Americans are collectively apprised, at lowest ample to gain by and elevate their acknowledge best interests; your extract denominated these folks “the equitable electorate” and compared them to those who wake a footbintegral frolic and recognize ample to mention who is engaging, level though they don’t discern integral the rules. A third apex of object insists that a weighty estimate of individuals are level “spiritual citizens” who are greatly recognizeledgeable encircling twain general levelts and the workings of our collective rule.
Which apex of object do you comport with (if any)? Why? (If you comport with none, how would you particularize the U.S. citizenry, and why?)  Do you consider we accept ample spiritual citizens ce a functioning democracy? Why or why referable? What do you consider can be produced to effect more race into “spiritual citizens?”

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