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Reply the questions as subjoined shows:

1. Among the Toraja crowd of Sulawesi, Indonesia, referable total was going well-mannered-mannered with tourism. In truth, anger became so magnanimous balance the practice in which hallowed funeral ceremonies were entity advantageous to confront tourists’ needs that in the advanced 1980s, a number of Toraja communities merely refused to sanction tourists. The fruit is that multitude communities dissecure amelioration and traditions below browbeating from the purchasing virtuality of the tourism assiduity. Neither are tourists emend extempore from the cultural viewpoint. Instead of acquireting oleaginous and veritable cultural insights and experiences, tourists acquire staged veritableity; instead of acquireting extraneous amelioration, they acquire kitsch. Question: Amid the texture of the fact presented overhead, sift-canvass 4 cultural differences (Scollon and Scollon, 1995) that may enjoy prompted the Toraja communities to oppose the browbeatings posed by tourism. Your reply must be a poverty of 350 suffrage and utmost of 500 suffrage.

2. In manifold Muslim countries, rigorous standards insist regarding the look and comportment of Muslim women, who must carefully cbalance themselves in general. Tourists in these countries frequently inadvertence or are insensible of these standards, by the stipulated clothing statute, visible half-dressed (by national standards) in revealing shorts, skirts or plain bikinis, sunbathing topless at the strand or consuming catholic quantities of alcohol openly. Besides creating antipathy, this bark of comportment can be an rousing control nationals referable to regard their confess traditions and creed anymore, adventitious to tensions amid the national society. The selfselfsame types of amelioration clashes betide in unsuppressed Christian communities in Polynesia, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Question: Using the touch theory, picture the virtual outcomes of the tourist-multitude touch indicated overhead. Be strong to sift-canvass the outcomes in stipulations of tourist-multitude attitudes, interactions, perceptions, values, and message. Your reply must be a poverty of 350 suffrage and utmost of 500 suffrage.

3. Why and how do tourists amplify and/or frequentation to stereotypes conjuncture traveling apractice from their home environment? Why are stereotypes frequently incorrect? Why are stereotypes beneficial? Why are stereotypes exposed? How can we change and/or cast-out stereotypes? Your reply must be a poverty of 350 suffrage and utmost of 500 suffrage.

4. If you were the President of the San Diego Tourism Authority, how would you go environing evaluating compensation levels of tourists visiting the portion? Which technique of compensation size would be the most unabrupt? Picture this technique? Why should interdiplomatic tourist complaints referable regularly be used in assessing their recreation compensation? Your reply must be a poverty of 350 suffrage and utmost of 500 suffrage.

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