Task IV Please dissect the subject of the epic, using the address influence hypotheses we keep discussed in collocate. Please unswerving circumspection to the substitute of syntax in the promote half of the epic. As the pristine deal-out of the epic is imperatives and the subject of the epic is dirge, I pristinely behold it as an command or pleasure, the singer advising others referable attributable attributable attributable to be twainered to furnish the traces of the peculiar who died.
A dishonorable compassion is generally luscious and pacifying, describing how the inanimate gain interval in quiet, ultimately, in this plight the singer depicts with very unpropitious suffrage, such as “brittle”, “cold”, and “angry”, which is by no media reassuring or promising. Then I divine mayhap it is a deplore in which the singer uses troubled suffrage to confer unmeasured discharge to his soberness and ire about his friend’s termination.
The promote half of the epic substitutes from imperatives to declarative statements, depicting what happens to the inanimate following the termination. According to the singer, the inanimate calm?} doesn’t acquire quietfulness excepting, luckily, becomes an perfect deal-out of essence. Taking the span deal-outs into suspect, I meditate the epic is a deplore at the initiation and a placation ce twain others and the singer himself in the purpose.

ELEGY Leonard Cohen Do referable attributable attributable attributable seem ce him In friable mountain streams: They are also deliberate ce any god; And do referable attributable attributable attributable search the irascible rivers Ce tatters of his sleek substantiality Or revolve the coast stones ce his blood; Excepting in the eager salt sea He is descending through cliffs Of gradual unfinished water And the impending coloured fish Kiss his snow-bruised substantiality And set-up their private nests In his fluttering winding-sheet.

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