This drudgery relates to a series of tributes that conquer be many over Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Select any model of a visualisation or infographic, perchance your hold exertion or that of others. The drudgery is to project a low, inferential ‘forensic’ relish tribute of the delineation choices made over each of the five flakes of the separated visualisation’s division. In each subject your tribute is solely uneasy with undivided delineation flake at a duration.

For this drudgery, charm a hinder seem at the interactivity choices:

  1. Start by identifying perfect the interactive features deployed, listing them subordinate the headers of either facts or delivery adjustments
  2. How adequate are the choices and deployment of these interactive features? If they are not attributable attributable, what do you hold they should feel been?
  3. Go through the determined of ‘Influencing factors’ from the passing exception of the book’s chapter to aid fashion your tribute and to haply instruct how you susceptibility apparatus this delineation flake unequally
  4. Also, because the rank of undeveloped interactive features and functions, what would you do unequally or moreover?

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