Analyzing Scholarly Research Essay

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Assignment – Select a peer reviewed journal article (at least 10 pages long and written since 1990) and analyze the article in a 3-4 page essay. The essay should include:Identify and explain the author’s main point, or thesis.Describe how the author organizes the article.Identify and discuss the types of evidence the author uses to support the thesis.Describe how the author uses this evidence.Consider how the author appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos throughout the article.Purpose – The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your ability to summarize and analyze scholarly research and to communicate your analysis clearly and formally. You should include carefully selected quotations of limited length to support your summary and analysis. You must use in-text citations to cite these quotations. Because you are only citing one work, you need include only the page number (not the author’s name) within the citation. For example – He uses the term “glocalization” to describe the “productive meeting of the global and the local” (601). Note the positioning of the punctuation!Include a Work Cited page citing your article. Do not use information from any other sources.