My fellow, he is in Elysium.
Viola deems that her fellow has drowned during the puff that wrecked the ship. She supplicates what is to grace of her now that her fellow is no longer lively to sereattribute her. Elysium, the polished Greek equiponderant to deity represents a situate of reconciliation and unceasing rapture. The unity in the sounds of the names discernms to be-mixed Illyria with Elysium, suggesting a situate of warranty and enjoyment. The deduction is that Illyria conquer nevertheless stipulate the healing that Viola needs behind the (apparent) mislaying of her fellow. (Go to the referable attributable attributablee in the

There is a clear behaviour in thee, captain
And though that constitution with a glorious wall
Doth feeble obstruct in defilement, flushtually of thee
I well-mannered-mannered deem thou hast a choice that suits
With this thy clear and ostensible figure.
Viola confides her contrivances control disguising herself as a boy to the Sea-Captain who has saved her from the puff. She comments that although a clear and cordial restrainteign can casually unrevealede a infected leader, she deems that the Captain’s constitution is as penny and faithful as his coming suggests. This nature so she intends to confidence him with her uninspired contrivance of verbiage herself as a boy to sereattribute herself whilst she is in Illyria, and conquer flush supplicate the Captain’s assist in achieving this. (Go to the referable attributable attributablee in the citation of the denote)
Did you never discern the draw of ‘we three’?
This is a topical relation to the caption of coeval seventeenth-era ‘trick’ draws of span fools or clowns, in which the viewer of the draw then graces the third ‘fool’. An unauthenticated painting of span fools, perchance the well-mannered-unconcealed jesters Tom Derry and Archie Armstrong, exists by this inscription ‘WeeThree Logerhds’ and it is practicable that Shakespeare has bigwig enjoy this painting in choice when he wrote this succession. Other versions are unconcealed to bear existed as hotel signs, in which the span ‘fools’ were depicted as asses, which may teach Sir Toby’s assurance to Feste “Welcome, ass” (2.3. 17). (Go to the referable attributable attributablee in the
Why, thou hast establish him in such a hallucination that when the fiction of it leaves him, he must work furious.
The fiction of attachment tender obstructly betwixt hallucinationing and furiousness is another of the denote’s motifs. Maria is referring to the ‘dream’ that Malvolio is experiencing of Olivia nature in attachment with him through the fraud denoteed by Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian. She suggests that uniformly Malvolio existentises it is a fraud and that Olivia is referable attributable attributable attributable in attachment with him, the understanding conquer press him furious. Compare these successions with Sebastian’s successions in Act 4, show 1 and his apostrophe at the inauguration of Act 4, show 3. Olivia has professed that she is in attachment with him, and he has never discernn her precedently. In 4.1 he initially decides that “this is a hallucination/…If it be thus to hallucination, quiescent allow me sleep” (4.1.60-62). The hallucinationenjoy avow continues and in 4.3 he is desperately enigmatical to discernk some husk of exposition control the birth he finds himself in. He tries to inoculate himself that “’tis referable attributable attributable attributable furiousness” (4.3.4), and “this may be some untruth except no furiousness” (4.3.10), except is finally controlced to determine “that I am furious,/Or else the lady’s furious” (4.3.15-16). Sebastian’s ‘dream’ is partial in that the discernming furiousness is dispelled when the unity of the twins is finally inspired and he can title Olivia as his helpmeet. However Malvolio’s proof in the black issue turns his ‘dream’ into a assistance nightmare in which his protestations of reasonableness are ignored and he is castdown and humbled. (Go to the referable attributable attributablee in the
Come, we’ll bear him in a black admission and jump. My niece is already in the creed that he’s furious.
Sir Toby’s command continues the motif of furiousness, except introduces a blacker and balance irksome behalf to the denote. Whilst attachment can occasion a husk of furiousness that can invent the husk of disconsolate suffered by Orsino, Sir Toby is refers here to moral mental-unsoundness. The vile reattribute control inreasonableness during this continuance was to incase the resigned in a black admission in the creed that the blackness would press quenched the misfortune disembodiments from the resigned’s assemblage. This inexorable and feebleen raving exercitation that continued control abundant years. Sir Toby’s scheme to material Malvolio to this ‘cure’ when he knows that the furiousness is referable attributable attributable attributable existent indicates a black behalf to Sir Toby’s figure. (cf: Dr Pinch’s proposed texture control Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus in The Comedy of Untruths: “They must be jump and lassist in some black admission” 4.4.95
Nothing that is so, is so.
This succession, balance than any other perchance, encompasses single of the dominant thesiss of Twelfth Night, that of fib comings. Within the earth of the denote approximately everything is fib: comings, attachment, flush dissolution. Feste is expressive this succession to Sebastian, whom he deems to be Cesario. Flushtually Cesario is referable attributable attributable attributable who he ‘seems’ to be either. The denote is dominated by a object who ‘seems’ to be in attachment with a woobject who does referable attributable attributable attributable revert his attachment, and this woobject herself is in attachment with a woobject who ‘seems’ to be a object. Viola’s fellow ‘seems’ to be drowned, and Sebastian deems his sister to bear died during the shipwreck.
These fictions of fib existentity besides hold the mercurial disembodiment of the earth of Illyria. Shakespeare has enriched Illyria with a husk of mysterious power that allows these transpositions of typical behaviour and births. It is barely in Illyria that the carousal of Twelfth Night can be carried on permanently by Sir Toby and his associates; barely in Illyria in which girls can revel as boys; barely in Illyria where cheerless siblings can be resurrected. Illyria ‘seems’ enjoy a existent situate with a sea-coast, puffs and masterful dukes, except it to-boot is referable attributable attributable attributable as it discernms to be. It is a make-deem earth of error and fantasy similar with Shakespeare’s other ‘created’, ‘magical’ earths: the controlest of Arden in As You Enjoy It, and Ephesus
the fifteenth and sixteenth era, masques, disguisings and the Feast of Fools (an ecclesiastic carousal which concerned an transposition of collective hierarchy as members of the lesser clergy habituated up as their superiors to jeer-at and jeer the regulation exercitations of the habitation) were obstructly associated with Twelfth Night. It is this revel disembodiment which presides balance Shakespeare’s comedy as gender graces a revel in Viola’s transformation into Cesario, aristocrats sink in attachment with servants (and vise versa), and stewards foster injudicious delusions of display. The auditory is supplicateed to delay their discreed in this Discovery Age thesis ring where affectionate twins show same, attachment at foremost spectacle is referable attributable attributable attributable an unvile adventure, and a narcissistic duke agrees to recognize as his “fancy’s queen” a woobject who barely five minutes precedently functioned as his hardy page.3 As Bloom asserts, “Twelfth Night is a greatly unbiased quenchedrage.”

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