Annotated bibliography

Topic – Internet and Social Media


Format: At least 550 words (not including Works Cited) in MLA format, 12-point font, double-spaced. You will write an annotated bibliography in its traditional format. For each annotation (at least 3 total) you will provide the Works Cited of the source, a summary of the source, and an analysis of the specific information in the source that you plan to use. Make sure and alphabetize your annotations.

Description: This assignment builds from your Academic Research Essay Proposal and is designed to help you analyze and evaluate sources relevant to your chosen topic. The goal of this assignment is to also help you begin to draft portions of your Academic Research Essay. 

Writing Strategy: Conduct academic research, using key words from your outline. The sources you choose should help bolster your arguments and assist you in developing ideas for body-paragraphs in your essay. When you find relevant information from a source in which you wish to use, include the source’s Works Cited. Proper MLA format required. Then write a brief 3-4 sentence summary of the source and a brief 3-4 sentence analysis of the information you chose. Make sure that you provide parenthetical (in-text) citations in your summary & analysis. In your analysis, you should explain how the information will relate to your argument(s). Be as specific as possible as you may use this information in your essay.



The Academic Research Essay Annotated Bibliography (Sample)

Ault, Alicia. “Video Games and Learning.” CQ Researcher 12 Feb. 2016: 145-68. 

Web. 8 Apr. 2016.

Summary(3-4 sentences): Here, the author argues that video games are widespread and are now being used to teach everything from science to history (Ault 158). This use of games helps more than an understanding of the material but also with critical thinking abilities (Ault 145). This acceptance does not apply to all parts of games as games are thought by some to discourage female participation (Ault 165).

Analysis(3-4 sentences): As I develop my reasons into paragraphs, I believe that this information can assist me on my second reason: through technology, students learn in a way that will increase intellectual capabilities and workforce productivity in the future. Ault describes how games are used now can help to show how to implement them other places as well as how to improve the problems that has currently arose with them (155). This information may help to settle the qualms of those who think that games have no place in the classroom. This information also helps to show that games can be implemented if people are willing to give it a shot.

Clemmitt, Marcia. “Teaching Critical Thinking.” CQ Researcher 10 Apr. 2015: 313-

36. Web. 14 Apr. 2016.

Summary(3-4 sentences): Marcia Clemmitt explains how educational specialists and corporate hiring managers are expressing a desire for students to learn problem solving and inquiry skills (313). These skills also known as 21st century skills are thought necessary for surviving in today’s workplace (Clemmitt 322). One concern is that schools will not be pushed to foster these skills and policymaker’s will remain reliant on standardized test to tell them how the schools are doing.

Analysis(3-4 sentences): This information can help support my first reason: certain video games produce real-world problems and encourage solutions. For example, schools are struggling to teach these 21st century skills despite the demand for them. Games could be used to fix this problem and allow lawmakers to measure the quality of the education using the metrics from the games (Clemmitt 316). Games already inherently teach 21st century skills so they would be easy to incorporate into games for other forms of education.

Glazer, Sarah. “Video Games.” CQ Researcher 10 Nov. 2006: 937-60. Web. 8 Apr. 


Summary(3-4 sentences): Sarah Glazer explains that video games are very popular as they draw in “more than three-quarters of American youths” (937). Certain games are under debate but many have seen the captivating effects. Games are known to teach 21st century skills Glazer (937).

Analysis(3-4 sentences): This source may help bolster my first reason: video games provide an interactive style of learning that promotes critical thinking and creativity. For instance, games are already enjoyable and engrossing if they can be brought into the classroom then students may find more joy in learning. Many skills can be taught at once while encouraging team building allowing games to be versatile as students learn to improve their weak points while passing through anything they have already understand. This trait comes with the unique progression systems in that will allow students to work on what they are having trouble with instead of sitting bored while the rest of the class goes over something they already understand.


****Academic Research Essay Proposal for Internet and Social Media

Part One: Outline

Tentative thesis: 

The internet and social media use are changing the face of the earth today. Therefore, it is important to understand how it functions as this will allow individuals to strategize their utilization and reap maximum benefits while minimizing its negative impacts. 


1. The internet and social media provide individuals with a great potential to set up profitable economic activities in an online platform.

2. The internet and social media have enhanced positive socialization across the whole world. 

3. The internet and social media have promoted economic growth and supported talent growth and discovery for people such as artists and content creators (Ahmad, 2020).

Opposing Views:

Some schools of thought argue that internet and social media use have had detrimental effects to the society today. For instance, some people explain that the internet has encouraged crimes such as drug trafficking sexual abuse, and child trafficking to take place anonymously. This further hinders the proper administration of justice. Cases of cyber bullying, impersonation, and cybercrime are also on the rise due to the existence of the internet and social media. Internet addiction by teenagers has also been on the rise (Ahmad, 2020). 

Part 2: Research Question Answers

1. Additional Questions:

a) Can social media and internet use be structured in a manner that will keep away   fraudsters? 

b) How can social media sites remain relevant to the future generation given the rapid  change in technology and content that the public requires?

2. Additional Ideas: 

Given this COVID 19 pandemic, many businesses, organizations and education institutions are turning to the internet and social media while conducting their activities. Therefore, it is important to understand how the internet and social media function in response to the pandemic. 

3. Prior beliefs, Assumptions, and Ideas: 

Many people assume that social media and the internet is a new era concept that is mainly embraced and favors the young generations only and this has been detrimental to their progress in life. 

4. Personal Experiences: 

Having started utilizing the internet and social media sites at an early age, my experience has revealed that these two online platforms have a potential of allowing people to explore their talent and sell their skills to the world. Thus, it should be embraced, and more cyber security measures implemented.  


Ahmad, B. (2020). “10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Society” Retrieved 

on September 4, 2020, from 

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