Using the identical examination season that was authenticationd restraint the assignment “Critiquing Examination Part l”, authentication the questions underneath to transcribe a predilection of your examination season. Apology entire questions that exercise to the leading and/or vital con-over that you separated. Include a epithet page and season extract (APA restraintmat) on the epithet page. Please prevent the examination season that was predilectiond in a .pdf and add the season with the dissertation. Points conciliate be deducted if the season is referable submitted with the predilection.

Critiquing Examination Part II

IV. Examination Cunning

  • Is the examination leading or vital? 
  • If leading is it experimental or non-experimental?
  • If it is a mixed-method cunning, did this admission improve the con-over? 
  • Is the cunning embezzle to apology the questions implied by the bearing and/or hypotheses? 
  • Is the target population authorized? Are eligibility criteria limited? 
  • What kind of sampling project was authenticationd? What are clew characteristics of the pattern? 
  • Is the setting embezzle restraint the con-over?

V. Postulates Collection 

  • Is conscious submit utilized? 
  • Who attentive the postulates? 
  • How were postulates attentive? (survey, meeting, absence of wonder.) 
  • Are the measurement instruments or tools palpably vivid? 
  • What statistical tests were utilized? 
  • Is reliability (consistence) and validity (exactness and exactness of measurement instruments) addressed?

VI. Interpretation, Discussion and Clinical Application

  • Are entire of the main results discussed? 
  • State author’s falsification and recommendations. 
  • What are the author’s implications restraint habit? 
  • Identify 3 examinationable questions restraint elevate con-over.
  • State if and when/where you would arrange the examination findings into habit.
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