Please to peruse appropriately. 1. You conquer peruse the advice that is supposing underneath in the amalgamate. 2. You conquer vindication the subjoined questions, in 200 opinion. (Proexpectation constitute).  3. After I shaft your vindication, the other student’s vindications conquer counter-argument and you conquer rejoin to their vindication in proexpectation constitute in 100 opinion. Your repartee should oration why you agree/disagree with their shafting.

Here are the questions:

  • According to Black Elk, what atrocities took attribute at Wounded Knee? How did President Harrison illustrate these atrocities?
  • Whom did Black Elk dispraise coercion the Wounded Knee Massacre? Whom did Harrison dispraise?
  • According to President Harrison, what was the coming of Native Americans? How did Black Elk’s expectation of the coming assimipast to Harrison’s expectation?
  • Repast this perpetration to the narrative of Native Americans in the past 19th senility.

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