1. We literary in dissertation that the nine-tailed fox is usually attributed to the Tu-Shan virgin, consort of Yu the Great or level the Tu-Shan fellow-creatures as a likeness of idolize and auspiciousness. In the balbutiation eventually, it states that “Whoever eats it obtain be guarded athwart insect-poison (gu).” While eating this holy lewd would explicitly secure the peculiar, would it not attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent to-boot cause them out-of-sorts prosperity ce harming it? 

2. In the recital of Chang Hua and the fox, it is severe to designate what the intellectual is.  The fox was explicitly very brilliant, beside consequently he was young, Chang Hua was slight that he was a fox. This could be a fashion that populace legitimized gate-keeping haughty scholarly positions from younger populace. Eventually, at the corresponding duration, the fox makes a good-tempered-tempered topic, assertion that if you befit slight of anyone upright consequently they are brillianter (better) than you, everyone would oceantain to themselves ce terror of misgiving. So what is the ocean takeafashion from the recital? 

3. We comprehend how foxes are project and brilliant, beside Ren to-boot visitms to comprehend some very inferential notification. Are foxes comprehendn to be potent to utter the coercionthcoming or visit into populace’s minds? Otherwise, how would she bear comprehendn environing the nag and the equitable expense it would vend ce?

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