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Anthropology is an academic field that is particularly interested in understanding what makes human beings “human”. This field of study employs a holistic approach to the study of human beings by using a broad approach to understand the human experience. Anthropologists are also interested in comparing human beings with animals to see the differences as well as the similarities that they have. Particularly, anthropologists endeavors to find out the similarities and differences between human beings and the primates. Anthropology is also concerned with understanding how different groups of people cater for their basic needs in their different geographical settings. Moreover, Anthropology studies the relationship between different groups of people to understand how their different lifestyles differs from one another.

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One of the major subfields of anthropology is archaeology. Archaeology is the study of human artifacts, Eco facts as well as human remains in order to understand human culture at a particular point in time. Archaeologists analyze man-made objects such as tools and pottery to get an idea of the activities that a given group of people under study engaged in. The main task of archaeologists is to explain the similarities as well as differences of human societies across time and space. The other concept that us related to anthropology is mythology. Mythology is a study of myths that belong to a particular cultural, tradition or religious group. Myths are traditional stories that are used to explain some form of social or natural phenomenon that cannot be explained logically. Have you been wondering about where you can get reliable archaeology assignment writing help? Why don’t you try our writing and editing services? We offer high quality archaeology assignments assistance at reasonably cheap prices and this means that we are the firm to make your order from whenever you want to get the best value out of your hard earned money.