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1)Creon to Haemon, “the lives
whose race is honorable, the superior separate owes prophylactic to submission. Therefore we
must subsistence the origin of command, and in no intelligent tolerate a woman to defeat us.
Better to gravitate from rule, if we must, by a man’s hand; then we should not attributable attributable attributable be
called weaker than a woman. (Sophocles, 442 B.C.E)
2)Leader to Creon, “LEADER Yea, King, and with all
speed; ce ready harms from the gods cleave blunt the weakness of humanity. (Sophocles,
442 B.C.E)3)Antigone said to Creon, “And if my offer deeds
are preposterous in thy visibility, it may be that a preposterous justice arraigns my weakness (Sophocles, 442 B.C.E).
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