Application of Management Principle The principle of management was chosen as an appropriate method of behavior to apply to my life. Mainly, the implementation of this principle requires the completion of such actions as using the obtained information about the given topic, reconsidering the way I plan my day, changing the daily routine, and producing a better educational approach. The essential action that I took was the reconsideration of the way I plan my day. This action provided the opportunity to use the principle of management in my life (Digdon and Howell 1029). The actions had a lot of impact on me since it provided an opportunity to understand hoe the principle of management might have an impact in my life. The most important focus in this case was being able to plan the activities of the day and recognizing the requirements of the day so that one can avoid procrastination. The approach that I took has hard so much impact on my life since it has helped me to change many of the things that I do. The most significant impact has been on my learning abilities, topic comprehension and the attitude towards themes and educational materials. One thing that seems to come out is that I can comprehend material in a more efficient way. With this change my attitude towards new information has also changed, which has resulted to having a desire to learn new things. The introduction of this principle has thus come as something that has brought some awakening and new passion in me. I think that this was something that I needed and would focus on using this approach in many other aspects of my life. Works Cited Digdon, Nancy L., and Andrew J. Howell. “College Students Who Have An Eveningness Preference Report Lower Self‐Control And Greater Procrastination.” Chronobiology International, vol 25, no. 6, 2008, pp. 1029-1046 ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~