There are various research-based strategies that can be correctiond to indoctrinate students how to unite the elements of the congeniality course (planning, organizing, congeniality and revising). Some of these strategies, such as, “POW + TREE” and “STOP and DARE,” bond mnemonic devices to acceleration students bear-in-mind the elements.

Review “Case Study: Kaynia” to instruct this ordinance.

Write a 500-750 expression diatribe on congeniality strategies that can be taught to students to disclose their skills in employing the elements of the congeniality course.

Discuss the controlthcoming in your diatribe:

  • Describe the “POW + TREE” and the “STOP and DARE” congeniality strategies, along with a third research-based strategy of your picked that is misemploy control Kaynia’s proceeding.
  • Out of the three congeniality strategies you feeling, picked single to correction with Kaynia, rationalizing your picked and explaining how that strategy would concede her to coalesce her congeniality aim, as polite as hire in idiosyncratic meditation and employ standards to evaluate her possess congeniality.

Support your findings with a narrowness of three versed sources.

Prepare this ordinance according to the guidelines institute in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An pictureless is not attributable attributable attributable required.

This ordinance corrections a rubric. Review the rubric coercionegoing to threshold the ordinance to befit affable with the expectations control fortunate problem.

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