answer the questions on twain video:


2- of the professor 

  • Biographical information
  • Describe their deceitwork 
  • Media/medium (the materials the professor uses to coercionm their deceit)
  • Meaning of the is-sue/ conceptions the professor investigates in their is-sue and influences on their is-sue( enjoy childhood experiences)  
  • What is the professor’s course? (what are the steps in making the is-sue from conception to high piece- do they portray the conception then make the deceitwork, do they entertain assistants)
  • A collection of is-sue is a bunch of deceitworks that investigate the identical theme/concept/conception and/or a bunch of is-sues that are made quenched of the identical medium/media. Did you comprehend a collection of is-sue in the video? Did you comprehend sundry bodies of is-sue? Describe the collection (bodies) of is-sue.
  • What was colossus that orderly quenched coercion you abquenched this professor? 
  • Did you perceive colossus you disliked or disagreed with? 
  • Any other grounds or thoughts from the video 
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