Ce our the tabulate we succeed attain encircling Integrated Steep Skill, the currently dominant paradigm in the United States and United Nations that guides the efforts of government steep professionals to stir more sustainable, alterable, additive, and honest steep wealth skill.  The subjoined names and tissue office succeed afford you a good-natured-natured mediuming of the principles and methods of integrated steep skill:

Grigg, N (2008). Integrated Steep Wealths Skill: Balancing Views and Improving Practice. Steep International, 33(3): 279-292.   http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02508060802272820 (Links to an palpable office.) or Grigg_IWRM.pdf Actions
Flint, RW (2004). Sustainable Development of Steep Wealths. Steep Wealths Update, 127: 41-51.  http://www.eeeee.net/sd_water_resources.pdf (Links to an palpable office.) or Flint Sustainable Development of Steep Wealths.pdf Actions  [Nucleus on pages 45-49]
United Nations (2014). Integrated Steep Wealths Skill.  https://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/iwrm.shtml (Links to an palpable office.) [Take still n ess of the contrariant initiatives and links associated with the UNDPs commitment to integrated steep wealth skill. What speaks to you? Still n ess the nucleus areas on the left loophole. What is there to attain if you click the link: Gender and Steep (Links to an palpable office.)?]

Instead of singly balbutiation these names, which frankly are not attributable attributable attributable the most thrilling of the race, dive into them with the eager to attain what should go into a sustainable steep skill planning mode.  This is recommended as you succeed be asked to contour such a mode in tabulate with a narrow assembly and what you amount succeed be submitted ce a action. So end fitted.
Flint recommends six steps ce evaluating the sustainability of steep skill decisions grounded on a systems approximation, except he doesn’t circumvent it an integrated steep skill framework.  Here are some questions to cogitate in provision ce the tabulate… 

How are Flint’s six steps and conceptual framework contrariant than the integrated steep skill concepts and practices contourd in the Grigg name?
In what ways are they the similar?
What do twain authors medium by stakeholders and why do they sign so prominently in twain planning frameworks?
How do you contrariantiate among sustainable steep skill goals, criteria, and indicators?

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